Weekly Goals 5/21/12

Maya has continued to work hard to make our car wash/bake sale a reality.  She has gotten approval from Mr. Weiler and will speak to Mr. Redding about turning on the water.  Some of her friends will donate baked goods and others plan to volunteer.

Kenzie, Meredith, Maya, Josephine, and Zachary have all spoken to their advisories about A2A3.  If you haven’t yet, please do so this week.

This will run in the Thursday Thing for the next two weeks:    On Sunday, June 3 from 12 – 3 pm, the Enough! Club is having its first car wash/bake sale at Tappan to benefit Ann Arbor Active Against ALS (A2A3).  We have set a campaign goal of $2000, but we are about $700 short.  We encourage all staff, parents, and community members to drop by the car wash to help support our causes and to get a clean car!

Zachary, Bryce, Sofia, Meredith, Kenzie, Victor, Josephine, and Nikhita made posters and put them all over Tappan.

Maya wrote the piece for the Thursday Thing, an e-mail to the Tappan staff, and announcements for the next two weeks.

Great work everyone!

TO DO:  Speak with your advisory, put June 3 on your calendar, and make baked goods for the car wash.  If you can bring a hose, bucket, rags, car soap, and/or sponges, please let me know.

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