Weekly Goals 9/15

Enough! Members,
Thanks for coming to our first meeting.  Welcome, Claire, Nadia, Victoria, Lilly, and Nora.  We hope you find our group as rewarding and meaningful as the returning members have found it.

Weekly Goals:
1)  If you know of anyone else who is planning to join, please ask them to see or e-mail me.

2)  Katie and Anna will give a presentation on AZ/Mexico.  Jackie will give a presentation on DollarsforDarfur.  Itza and Maggie will give a presentation on D.C.

3)  Anyone who would like us to commit our time and fundraising efforts to a project this year will present a 2-3 minute presentation about their issue at the next meeting.  Needed information includes:  issue, history and causes of it, why it is important to you, what you think we can do about it in a year, and what your goals are for it.

Elissa Trumbull just e-mailed me requesting we partner up with the Agrarian Adventure club for a food drive.  This fits in well with our volunteering at Food Gatherers and serving dinner at a soup kitchen.  Let’s discuss it at our next meeting.

Check out our web sites:

Have a great week.  Remember, we can’t change the world from 3 – 4 on Mondays.  Take action every chance you get!